A Day in the Life


We pay careful attention to ensure that our performers learn and collaborate in a fun and safe place. Our enthusiastic and well-trained staff provide a balanced daily experience that combines amazing theatre activities and meaningful collaborative programs.

Our instructors really get to know the performers and have the flexibility to customize parts of each day to meet the interests and needs of each group.

Join Us at Shine Theatre Arts Project for a summer you’ll never forget!

Scroll down to see a sample schedule and photos of our beautiful campus!


7:45AM: Rise and SHINE! … Breakfast at 8:15AM

8:45AM: Make Beds & Grab Music, Tap Shoes or Instruments

9:00AM: A Time to SHINE (Vocals, Dance, Rock & Acting)*

11:00AM: Indoor and Outdoor Recreation


12:30PM-12:45PM: Lunch followed by downtime/private coaching

1:30PM: Master Classes (Movement/Vocal/Theatre)

3PM snack followed by 3:15PM Group Sing or Dance

4:15PM: Nature Hour (outdoors)


5:30PM: Time to Shower, Hill House- get ready for our 6:30PM Dinner

7:15PM: Let’s Perform! Coffee House or Dinner Cabaret (Dining Hall)

8:00PM: Evening Activity or Rehearsal at Hill House

9:30PM: Back to Hill House for a good night’s rest! .. curfew between 10 and 11PM

* All snacks and meals take place in the Dining Hall. Activities marked with an * take place in the Daniel Arts Center.