The Dream Team

Our Founders, Jordan & Leorah Haberfield


We are Jordan and Leorah Haberfield and we’re excited to welcome you to Shine Theatre Arts Project! Sending your young performer away for any program is no small decision. (Trust us—we know). We’re also the parents of 2 children so we understand the need for providing a safe and fun environment for all our students.

We’ve also been through the process of raising a professional child actor who knew early in life what direction his life was heading. We understand the parental commitment and desire to give your child the best available training. For us, the importance of creating safe places for positive growth, independence, and boatloads of fun are guiding principles. We hope you’ll join us next summer!

Leorah Haberfield (Artistic Director) is the producer and director of A Time To Shine Youth Cabaret based in NYC. Passionate about creating opportunities for Broadway's next generation, she has provided performance opportunities for 100's of kids from all over the country. She has directed many benefit cabarets and has raised money for Dancers With Cancer and the Williams Syndrome Association, to name a few. She recently worked at Charlotte Wilcox Company, a Broadway Theatrical Management company. She is also a co-producer for a mini-series featuring Broadway kids.

Jordan Haberfield (Executive Director) is an arts and culture consultant who oversees an executive search practice focused on placing professionals in nonprofit theatres and arts foundations nationally. He is also a former owner & director of a musical theatre intensive program where he oversaw all back office functions and marketing. He’s excited to take his business and arts background and help to create an incredible musical theatre learning experience for kids.

Our Dedicated Team of Performing Artists

One of the great things that makes the Shine Theatre Arts Project special is the staff you are entrusting your children to for two weeks. We are a family of professionals that not only are at the top of our respective teaching careers in the arts, but most of us have known each other and have worked together for years.

Every single member of our staff has a background in the arts. Imagine sending your child to a place where they are not only getting great training, but their counselor is also a Broadway performer or professional musician and has a lot to teach them throughout the day! That’s something very special that Shine Theatre Arts Project brings to the table.

We care deeply about our work and giving your young performer this amazing experience! Check back soon for photos and bios!

Our Guest Artists

Guest Artists who come to Shine Theatre Arts Project commit to sharing their talents with our performers and giving them unique insight into what it means to work professionally in the theatre. The training they provide in the Master Classes is focused on improving skills in a fun and inclusive way. Plus the Q&A sessions are always enlightening (our kids ask great questions!).